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About us

Delivering tangible improvements in operational processes, management capability and financial performance through the identification and implementation of value adding opportunities
Procuremax was formed with a vision to help companies improve their internal capability as well as achieve tangible improvements in operational and financial performance.

Procuremax also assist with and manages the introduction of new products and or suppliers in to the Australian market. This is especially the case with respect to the Rader Vogel product for which we have recently entered into an exclusive Authorised Dealer Agreement.

Products and services

Our innovative bonding agent system RV-COMPOUND® extends the lifespan of VULKOLLAN® and polyurethane wheels even in the case of operation in the highest performance range.

We provide you with more than 30,000 items with diameters of 30 mm to 1,800 mm and load capacities of up to 80 tons. Our drive, load and guiding wheels as well as our press-on tyres, running wheels and pallet rollers meet the highest standards every day.
Our products drive a wide range of industries. From the extraction and processing of raw materials to intralogistics and transportation and supply systems – all over the world, our customers trust in the excellent quality of our extensive product range.

Heavy loads, tight spaces and extreme temperatures – our PEVOTEC® wheel specially developed for forging manipulators copes well with all of these demands.

With an external diameter of 1,780 mm and a load capacity of approx. 80 tonnes, our wheel powers special lorries for the mining industry.



93° AND 95° SHORE A / hydrolysis-stabilised

VULKOLLAN® is a highly elastic, cross-linked polyurethane elastomer.
This includes high dynamic loading capacity, high abrasion resistance
and tear-propagation resistance, the highest modulus of elasticity of all elastomers, high mechanical-wear resistance as well as high impact resilience and a low compression set. For applications in tropical environments, we recommend hydrolysis-stabilised VULKOLLAN®.



PEVODYN® is a new high-quality polyurethane elastomer that we have
developed with a long service life, offering significantly reduced starting and rolling resistance, high dynamic load capacity and high energy efficiency. Therefore, the material is particularly suitable for intralogistic applications involving the transport of large loads at a high speed. Thanks to its hydrolysis resistance, PEVODYN® is ideal for use in tropical climates.



PEVODYN® Soft 78° Shore A is a high-quality polyurethane elastomer that we have developed with high dynamic load capacity and significantly reduced starting and rolling resistance. The excellent mechanical properties of the material include high cutting, tearing and abrasion
resistance as well as high energy efficiency. Thanks to its good noise reduction and vibration damping, It is particularly suitable for the transport of medium loads at high speeds on surfaces where care is needed.

News & Innovations

New Rader Vogel Distributor in Australia region.  Rader Vogel are pleased to announce that they have entered into an exclusive agreement with Procuremax for the distribution of Rader Vogel wheels and Casters in the Australia region.
Procuremax are happy to provide you with innovative solutions to suit your operation and conditions, no matter how large or small the project contact Procuremax for wheel and caster expert help and assistance.


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