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About us

As a chain manufacturer with our drop forge, THIELE is one of the leading companies of the chain industry worldwide.

Customers appreciate our excellent technical problem solving skills concerning conveying and lifting applications as well as our high quanity and functionality standards. Our products and services are strictly based on the expectations and needs of our customers and thus ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

The innovation at THIELE includes the implementation of FEA-Analyis for any new product development and production processes. Recently with the adoption of RHT (Hippenstiel) THIELE is “Fit for Retrofit” with comprehensive conveyor chain upgrades and chain innovation packages.

Products and services

THIELE is the specialist for complete chain Systems for Lifting and conveying applications.

For chain conveyors in Longwall mining THIELE provides the complete product range: Chains, flightbars, chain connectors and sprockets. For any chain size chain systems from the smallest to the biggest chain conveyor worldwide the full program is available.
Thiele offers the full range for AFC-conveyors, BSL-conveyors and plow chain Systems.

The most modern THIELE production site is complemented by the THIELE-Laboratory and the THIELE R&D department, with every part of the equipment from the latest state of the art Technology,
THIELE does not only develop ist own new and innovative products. For individual conditions and optimized applications THIELE is also developing special chains and products for our customers.

Superflat type chains REINFORCED

Superflat type chains REINFORCED

THIELE`s Superflat type chains are REINFORCED at the wear Areas and provide up to 20% higher wear life than Standard.
The chains are available in all common sizes, starting from 34x126-BSL-Chains, and up to 62/58 mm AFC-Chains.

THIELE Big-T Chain

THIELE Big-T Chain

THIELE`s Big-T Chain offers the latest Design improvements on mining chains. The unique chain design provides a great wear resistance, a very low Profile, a lower weight and the Special round link design allows a flightbar design with a significantly higher bend resistance than standard.
The chain is available as a 34x121/131mm since 2015. The size 42x140/152 mm chain will be available within 3Q2017.



THIELE offers flightbars for all common chain conveyors and applications. THIELE is able to maximize the Output for each individual customer / conditions. At first there are some different design Options available. Secondly several material grades (42 CrMo4, and improved materials) are available for any flightbar. Furthermore 3 Levels of hardening (tips) THIELE is able to offer Flightbars for low, medium and highly abrasive conditions.

News & Innovations

Intelligent Chain Sensor 

THIELE is quite advanced with the progress of the development of an intelligent chain sensor. The latest test run was absolved in 1Q2017, where a set of chain sensors was running successfully for 2 weeks, until running out of battery power. A detailed Report is published in the 2/2017-issue of...| » Further reading 

Mild tip hardened flightbar 

With the mild tip hardened flightbar THIELE offers a compromise between an ultra-high wear resistant flightbar and a Standard flightbar. While the latter one is the perfect solution under normal conditions, it may be - in very abrasive conditions - not the preferred choice. The tip-hardening ...| » Further reading 


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58640 Iserlohn

Phone: +49 2371 9470
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Burkhard Scherf
Senior Principal Engineer of Mining Products
Phone: +49 2371 947227

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