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Dry Cuttings Extraction System

On drilling boreholes by means of rotary and/or percussion drilling water is preferably used to flush out the cuttings. On various applications this process has to be carried out with compressed air – so called ‘dry drilling’. In order that the cuttings create no emissions they...

Exhibitor: CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic

MultiXtend MX Bluetooth

WIRELESS DATA TRANSFER via Bluetooth from MULTISYSTEM 5060 PLUS to PC Increases safe reachability of a test point Measure in safe distance, out of danger zone Saving of costs by less using measurement cable Recording of measurement data directly on pc Remote control...

Exhibitor: Hydrotechnik GmbH

HYDROlink6 Advanced

Hydrotechnik measuring systems provide through their product features, combined with professional software, a wide variety of functions for your measurement tasks. Benefit from a multifunctional, user-friendly software New features of HYDROlink6 Advanced: Safe and comfortable remote...

Exhibitor: Hydrotechnik GmbH

MINIMESS® Special Series

The Original Minimess ® has been leading for decades, yet appears in five new versions now as Minimess ® Special Series: Low Temperature, Offshore, Gas, Defense Line and p/T- testpoint series: Special Series Offshore Resistant against external pressure up to 200bar Low...

Exhibitor: Hydrotechnik GmbH

SIMPL-Ex pressure sensors with state of the art technology made for use in powered roof support systems

The intrinsically safe pressure sensors SIMPL-Ex are made for use at powered roof support systems. Based on the simple and solid construction with high robustness by fully stainless steel housing it is an individual mass product build to the highest standards at a low price. Through the usage...

Exhibitor: Grünewald GmbH

The new Magnetic-Inductive Flowmeter MAGIN-Ex

The MAGIN-Ex series is designed for volume flow measurement which can be integrated with further measurements like pressure and/or temperature. With the magnetic-inductive measuring method, no mechanical components are used for the measurement recording, so that a high failure safety against...

Exhibitor: Grünewald GmbH

The patented variant of the SMALL-Ex temperature monitoring for use at conveyor belt systems

The temperature monitoring type SMALL-Ex are suitable for use under very harsh and challenging environments designed and maintain high mechanical loads. They are designed for use e.g. at conveyor belt systems, as bearing-temperature monitoring or as monitoring of oil temperature or coolant. The...

Exhibitor: Grünewald GmbH

Water Treatment Solutions for Longwall Mining Systems

Read our recent article on Water Treatment Solutions for Longwall Mining Systems. The article outlines the benefits of integrating the Hauhinco water treatment system into new and existing longwall mining operations. Please click on the link to read the full article on our website. >>...

Exhibitor: Hauhinco Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Customer Specific Power-Units

Purpose built, customer specific power units, manufactured on-site. From initial consultation through design, manufacture, assembly and shipping, HSA build to requirement power-units. Carbon/Stainless steel, Galvanised or Two Pack Epoxy Enamel, whatever your finish required we can...

Exhibitor: Hydraulic Specialists Australia Pty., Ltd.

Layher FW System

This new truss system is designed to offer wide-span bridging arrangements that are entirely compatible with all components of the Allround system. The FW system is intended to close the current load-capacity gap between our various lattice beam configurations and the Heavy Duty Allround...

Exhibitor: Layher Pty. Ltd.

Layher Allround Lightweight (LW)

Layher Allround Lightweight adds a new dimension to scaffolding. It is the result of extensive R&D, designed to make scaffolding easier, safer and, above all, cost-effective for Layher customers. Layher engineers have specified, and successfully incorporated into this development, special...

Exhibitor: Layher Pty. Ltd.

New Rader Vogel Distributor in Australia region.

Rader Vogel are pleased to announce that they have entered into an exclusive agreement with Procuremax for the distribution of Rader Vogel wheels and Casters in the Australia region. Procuremax are happy to provide you with innovative solutions to suit your operation and conditions, no matter how...

Exhibitor: Procuremax


Behind the name PEVOTEC ® is an extensive range of special polyurethane elastomers which are used under extreme operating conditions. Depending on the task at hand, we develop the ideal wheel material for you on this basis, by adapting the chemical and physical properties of the materials...

Exhibitor: RÄDER-VOGEL Räder- und Rollenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

SafeBelt® Closed Conveyor System

The SafeBelt System is suitable to convey bulk material wherever it is necessary to circumvent obstacles, to save extra product transfer points and to transport the given material in a closed, protected, dust-free and saving manner. In this process the belt loop remains closed from the material...

Exhibitor: STARCLEAN®- Schulte Strathaus- Promethea

Transfer point seal STARCLEAN® SEAL

The new two-piece STARCLEAN ® SEAL transfer point seal eliminates material and dust emissions in belt conveyor transfer points and reduces maintenance and operation costs. At first, the material guiding primary seal keeps the bulk material inside the chute. The secondary dust seal, which...

Exhibitor: STARCLEAN®- Schulte Strathaus- Promethea

Intelligent Chain Sensor

THIELE is quite advanced with the progress of the development of an intelligent chain sensor. The latest test run was absolved in 1Q2017, where a set of chain sensors was running successfully for 2 weeks, until running out of battery power. A detailed Report is published in the 2/2017-issue of...

Exhibitor: THIELE GmbH & Co. KG

Mild tip hardened flightbar

With the mild tip hardened flightbar THIELE offers a compromise between an ultra-high wear resistant flightbar and a Standard flightbar. While the latter one is the perfect solution under normal conditions, it may be - in very abrasive conditions - not the preferred choice. The tip-hardening...

Exhibitor: THIELE GmbH & Co. KG

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