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We are a manufacturer of fittings, high-pressure hoses, plastic lines, screw connections and other accessories for central lubrication systems and central lubrication technology.

About us

We are a german manufacturer of fittings, high pressure hoses, plastic tubes and other accessories for lubrication systems, centralized lubrication and lubrication pumps.

Our range includes a high number of well-established fittings and hose lines. However, we are expanding our selection steadily on demand of our customers, thanks to the organisation of our company we are able to react very quickly and flexibly on our customer needs. Innovative ideas concerning production flow and product development can be adapted after a short period of testing.

We are fast, both in terms of production steps and delivery channels.

We deliver your goods to any place in the world within a few days, for example:

Germany: order today, we deliver tomorrow
Europe: order today, we deliver the day after tomorrow
North America: order monday, we deliver wednesday.
Australia: order monday, we deliver next monday = 7 days

Fritsche – Experten für Schmiertechnik
Eichenhöhe 10
21255 Kakenstorf

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Products and services

Fittings for central lubrication

  • Cutting ring fittings
  • Push-in
  • Screw sleeves
  • Hose studs
  • Extension pieces

Hoses and tubes for central lubrication

  • High-pressure hose
  • Plastic tubes

Accessories for central lubrication

  • Adapters 45°
  • Adapters 90°
  • Plastic helix
  • Spring coils
  • Protectiv hoses
  • Cable tie
  • Hose clamp - one sided
  • Hose clamp - two sided
  • Tube clamps
  • Filling pumps
  • Filling connections
  • Fillings connections straight
  • 90° - filling Connections
  • Greasing blocks - straight drilling
  • Greasing blocks - T-drilling
  • Closure plugs for greasing blocks
  • High pressure grease nipples
  • Banjos for construction vehicles
  • Manometer
  • Manometer - screw connections
  • Illuminated push-buttons
  • Coupling sockets with return flow port
  • Coupling plugs
  • Brackets for coupling sockets, 90°
  • Dust covers for stubs
  • Stubs for coupling plugs
  • Couplings female screws
  • Couplings male screws
  • Couplings female
  • Couplings male
  • Adapters
  • Banjo fittings free movable
  • T-banjo fittings
  • Swivel union elbow

Fittings for central lubrication

Fritsche offers a wide range of screw fittings for all kinds of central lubrication configurations. Our screw fittings represent quality and longevity.

Our range of fittings includes the following product families:

• Cutting ring fittings
• Push-in fittings
• Screw sleeves
• Hose studs
• Extension pieces

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High pressure hoses and Plastic tubes for central lubrication

At Fritsche you can find tubes and hoses in various diameters and materials. Plastic tubes, polyamide tubes.

Our 600-840 bar high-pressure hoses are suitable for grease and central lubrication systems of all conventional lubrication system manufacturers.

The plastic tubes are used in lubrication systems to connect the progressive distribution unit with the lubrication point or the relubrication distributor to the lubrication point.

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Accessories for central lubrication

Here you can find the accessories for the field of lubrication engineering; the range includes components for central lubrication systems, manual lubrication parts, for example nipple block, or accessories for hoses and tubes.

Fixing components for hoses and tubes, feed cylinders and feed connections, control and monitoring devices, etc. are also vital components for central lubrication.

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