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The VULKAN Group, founded in 1889 is composed of three business divisions:
VULKAN Couplings – focus on drive train, vibration and acoustics solutions to marine and stationary energy markets; VULKAN Drive Tech – specialized in power transmission solutions to industrial market and VULKAN Lokring – owner of the patented Lokring system of braze free connection to refrigeration and air conditioning.

The global presence with 1.200 employees, working at 18 sites and 5 international production plants around the world, is also completed by our representatives and distributors covering over 50 countries.

We support MINING Industry with our Industrial division: VULKAN Drive Tech, that have been setting standards in terms of performance and reliability in the harshest conditions. The portfolio includes power transmission solutions, such as flexible couplings, rigid couplings, brakes systems, rail clamps, backstops, mounts and others, as a standard solution as well as individually tailored made project.

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Within the Mining industry, stackers and reclaimers, conveyor belts, mills, crushers, are typical heavy duty machinery whose drives are characterized by shock loads and dynamic displacement of large masses with big inertias.

FLUID COUPLINGS for soft starting of the machinery, GEAR/FLEXIBLE COUPLINGS for speed shaft applications, SERVICE BRAKES and resilient MOUNTS are typical products used for these applications that are part of VULKAN DRIVE TECH portfolio. Inclined conveyors also require safety equipment in order to maintain the stability of the transported material in emergency conditions. Such situations include failure of the drive train and the resultant rolling back of the belt with a potentially dangerous depositing of the goods at the tail end. For these purposes either BACKSTOPS or BRAKE SYSTEMS must be properly selected to withstand the most critical working conditions to which the conveyor will be subjected. All such demanding can be supported by VULKAN DRIVE TECH Solutions.


Product Description: Electromagnetic Disc Brake, spring applied and electromagnetic released, each model of brake can be equipped with a variety of accessories to comply with the most demanding applications, including pad wear compensation system, brake status micro switch and pads with worn out sensor.

Applications: Service and parking brakes for high speed shaft applications, such as belt conveyors, cranes, etc.

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High speed and low speed backstop with sprag lift off and roller ramps design. Available either with or without radial support bearings and a reaction torque arm.

Applications: High speed shafts and low speed shafts of machinery driven by electric motors and requiring freewheeling, indexing or backstop functions.

Nominal Torque: 100 Nm – 42500 Nm
Rotational Speed: 210 RPM - 20000 RPM

Nominal Torque: 62 Nm – 578000 Nm
Rotational Speed: 95 RPM - 7000 RPM

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Product Description
Torsional flexible coupling that is equipped with an elastic element working in compression. Suitable for motion reversals and multidirectional flexibility.

Low speed shaft of machinery driven by electric motor and harsh environments.

Nominal Torque Range
3600 Nm - 644400 Nm

Rotational Speed
650 RPM - 7000 RPM

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News & Innovations

V317 Power Supply is a brand new VULKAN product, smaller and lighter, able to control any DC electromagnetic brake within its maximum current range. V317 current output operates in a closed loop system that allows better performance control and faster response of electromagnetic brakes, making operation safer and more agile.

The electromagnetic brakes generally operate on two different levels of DC current to open the brake (a current peak, or call current) and hold the brake opened (economic DC current). The call current time is defined so that it is enough to open (release) the brake, considering also the rated air gap and braking force. The DC current levels, call current time and several other settings are available through parameters, which can be set according to brake characteristics.

The output DC current to open and close the brake is produced by closing a dry contact. It is AC/DC drives with a fully digital control system to drive electromagnetic brakes.
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