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The patented variant of the SMALL-Ex temperature monitoring for use at conveyor belt systems

The temperature monitoring type SMALL-Ex are suitable for use under very harsh and challenging environments designed and maintain high mechanical loads. They are designed for use e.g. at conveyor belt systems, as bearing-temperature monitoring or as monitoring of oil temperature or coolant.

The patented variant of this device detects the temperature flank and compares this with the temperature gradients which are stored by the manufacturer such as those at a belt start-up at the cheek of a conveyor belt. For this version the level of the environmental temperature is irrelevant to the detection and does not affect the evaluation.

With this device a differential temperature of 20°K and a difference time of 10 seconds are usually set. This means that when the temperature changes more than 20°K within less than 10 seconds, a slanting of the conveyor belt is detected. As long as the temperature rise is not exceeded and the time is not missed at the same time the system is in normal operation.

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Exhibitor: Grünewald GmbH


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